South Gloucestershire Darts League                        Ver 4: 26 Aug 16

5. General Playing Rules

5.1. Matches will be played on a Monday night and will commence at 8.30 pm. Deadline for commencement is 8.45 pm

5.2. Matches will consist of 3 sets of singles, followed by 3 sets of doubles, followed by 3 sets of singles.

5.3. Singles and doubles will be the best of 3 legs of 501, flying start, double finish. 

5.4. The “Bust” rule will apply for both singles and doubles.

5.5. The home team will nominate their player(s) first.

5.6. The home team will throw first for bull and the winner of the bull will throw first in legs 1 and 3 where applicable.

5.7. Each team will appoint a chalker or a caller for each set of singles and doubles. (Normally the home team will chalk but the roles can be
swapped by mutual agreement for individual sets)

5.8. The number of 180 scores for all players must be recorded on the score card, along with any checkouts over 80. For league matches, by
signing the card team captains are deemed to have accepted these figures. 180 scores and high checkouts will also be counted during K/O
competitions and it is the responsibility of the player and match official to report such scores to the control desk.

5.9. Both captains are responsible for texting the match result to the appointed official immediately after the match or ensuring the result is posted
on the SGDL Facebook Page immediately after the match.

5.10. A photo or scan of the completed scorecard can be e-mailed to <> or a photo
posted on the SDGL Facebook page. You will be contacted if it is illegible. (please don’t use red ink) If using this method retain the completed card
until it can be handed to a league official.

5.11 If not using the above methods, the winning captain is responsible for posting the completed scorecard to the address on its reverse within 48
hours of the scheduled fixture.

5.12. No new players will be permitted for the last two matches of the season. If this creates a problem for a team not having enough players they
are to ask the Chairman to consider a waiver.

5.13. The wining team will be awarded 2 points and the final league positions will be awarded on the basis of those points. Should there be 2 or
more teams with equal points at the end of the season (in a prize winning position) those teams will have a play-off to determine the prize winner.

5.14. Any dispute which may arise which is not covered by these rules will be subject to adjudication by the committee.